happyhippylove (happyhippylove) wrote,

Sooo bored!

So yeah I'm ridiculously bored trying to kill some time before I can leave work so I'll make an LJ post about what I've been up to:

1. Going to Parties a lot still, not going all out anymore but still going places. The weekend before this last one I went to Created Equal 3D and Club Exit, this past weekend I went to Planet 6362 with Catherine, Ilya + his GF, and my good buddy steve. Some pics on my myspace . Marielle, Seth, Jean, Chris, and a that whole crowd was there as well. I also got to hang out with my fellow nycraver staff member MSR ( www.nycravers.com ), chill with Sean from raversonly, and meet smoke the CEO of raversonly, all in all I had a good time although other people there apparently didn't (no one I was with).
2. Moving my job up 3 floors = hell for me. Been doing that all day today, all week last week, the rest of the month up until we move on the 2nd. It sucks.
3. Maintaining and upgrading my 2 communities : www.ooorgle.com (gaming) and www.nycravers.com (raving).
4. Sleeping, Eating, and Fucking.
5. Dancing.
6. Doing computer support for people on the side.
7. Looking for new ways to earn income.
8. Looking for a new job.
9. Making new friends and trying not to fuck it up.
10. Trying to be more sociable while not being too sociable.
11. Being hella poor.

Thats about it. Feel free to donate to the help me find some food fund @ www.ooorgle.com/Donate.html I'm so hungry.

-Hungry Eric
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