happyhippylove (happyhippylove) wrote,

Strange Dream

Ok I had a pretty weird dream today.....

First off I was in some restaurant and some English guy won some contest or something but then he was all offended for some reason.... The rest gets blurry....
Me, the english guy(which is the guy from Trigger Happy TV), my dead grandfather (he was alive here) and a bunch of people are on a Blue Whale in the ocean (the whale was above ground). So were just walking around it and I find it hard to keep my balance. Then after a while its time to go apparently and we all leave, I keep feeling I'm going to fall in the water and at one point my grandfather saves me from just that. I noticed in the dream how strong his legs were and how he had no problem walking on this huge blue whale... Then I woke up.... Strange.

So analysis I guess I would say that I draw strength from my grandfathers memory. I have no idea about the english guy tho or the contest or why he was offended.

Anyway today I'm gonna go see my pops after work then I am going to stop by ari + olivias and meet some guy around there who has things I like.

Until next time
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