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6th February 2008

4:41pm: god help me
Moving an office sucks! (especially when your the IT manager getting paid the same amount as a helpdesk person).


22nd January 2008

5:04pm: Sooo bored!
So yeah I'm ridiculously bored trying to kill some time before I can leave work so I'll make an LJ post about what I've been up to:

1. Going to Parties a lot still, not going all out anymore but still going places. The weekend before this last one I went to Created Equal 3D and Club Exit, this past weekend I went to Planet 6362 with Catherine, Ilya + his GF, and my good buddy steve. Some pics on my myspace . Marielle, Seth, Jean, Chris, and a that whole crowd was there as well. I also got to hang out with my fellow nycraver staff member MSR ( www.nycravers.com ), chill with Sean from raversonly, and meet smoke the CEO of raversonly, all in all I had a good time although other people there apparently didn't (no one I was with).
2. Moving my job up 3 floors = hell for me. Been doing that all day today, all week last week, the rest of the month up until we move on the 2nd. It sucks.
3. Maintaining and upgrading my 2 communities : www.ooorgle.com (gaming) and www.nycravers.com (raving).
4. Sleeping, Eating, and Fucking.
5. Dancing.
6. Doing computer support for people on the side.
7. Looking for new ways to earn income.
8. Looking for a new job.
9. Making new friends and trying not to fuck it up.
10. Trying to be more sociable while not being too sociable.
11. Being hella poor.

Thats about it. Feel free to donate to the help me find some food fund @ www.ooorgle.com/Donate.html I'm so hungry.

-Hungry Eric

19th November 2007

3:55pm: Too tired to post a whole recap of events...

So my birthday was pretty good and pretty bad.

50% drama filled of course, 50% good times. C'est la vie. At least I had some awesome sex.


Wednesday Night UTOPIA:

40$... worth it...

All are welcome to come with me, I'll be painting my face (and yours too if you come). Why not?


28th September 2007

1:00pm: Eric.Alive = True
Ohh snap.

So yeah I'm the luckest and unluckest person alive. I wish fucking fate would pick one and stick with it.

That is all.


13th August 2007

2:46pm: Boredom , jacked from austin

AUSTIN: OK HERE www.overheardinnewyork.com TAKE IT ALL




Hobo: Ahhh.
Girlfriend: Ewww, he peed on me!
Boyfriend: And you're wearing sandals!

--Q train

Drunk #1 in video booth: There's so many movies to choose from!
Drunk #2: I think I'm in a gay booth.
Drunk #1: This one's from the point of view of a dick!
Disembodied voice: Isn't everything?

--Peep Show, 8th Ave

Lady suit: Man, I love cheese. You know what I wish I had? A pillow made of cheese. That way I can eat cheese when I'm awake and when I sleep. I can, like, chew on my pillow and I'll truly be eating cheese 24/7. Wouldn't that be amazing?
Male suit: Mmm, yes.

--Washington Square Park

Drunk hipster #1: Hey, are you okay?
Drunk hipster #2, looking at girl in Houndstooth pattern coat: Yeah, I just didn't realize how drunk I was until I started staring at that girl's coat, and now I think I'm gonna throw up.

--Matchless Bar, Greenpoint

Waiter: Would you care for a glass of wine or a cocktail?
Old lady: No, thanks, we're heavy drug users.

--Caffe Grazie, 84th & Madison

Tourist man: Pardon me, officer, can you tell us where Orchard Street is?
Cop: See that naked Chinese guy?
Tourist man: Ummm...Yeah.
Cop: Walk down to him and make a left.
Tourist man: Um, thanks.
Cop: No problem.

--Delancey & Allen

Coworker #1: So what've you been up to?
Coworker #2: The usual. Just whacked off.
Coworker #1: Dude, you're on speakerphone.

--Office, Midtown

Man: I just don't get it! Just last night you were complaining about how you never try anything new, but you feel like you should.
Woman: Ok, well ordering the roast duck is a little different than a threesome, Tim.

--13th & 3rd

20-something Chinese guy: You know what? Chinese people discovered America.
20-something Black guy: Bullshit.
20-something Chinese guy: It's true! There's an article on CNN showing we discovered America, there are maps. Chinese were here first before everyone else. Chinese people did everything before everyone else. White people take credit for everything, but now it's coming out that Chinese made all of these discoveries first. Don't you see a pattern? We're the shit.
20-something Black guy: The only pattern I see is that you motherfuckers pirate and resell every DVD, and now you're trying to bootleg history.


Girl: Ok, let's name some idioms.
Guy: I don't know what you're talking about, but you go first.
Girl: Ok. 'Hit the hay.'
Guy: 'Suck the dick.'
Girl: Ummm...

--114th St & Broadway

Hobo: Attention, attention! I'm playing this saxophone to raise money for my spaceship!

Plays a horrible rendition of "Pop Goes the Weasel."

Hobo: I'm going into space, and I'm taking George Bush with me!

Fellow passengers cheer.

--1 train

Kid #1: Paper beats rock. BAM! Your rock is blowed up!
Kid #2: "Bam" doesn't blow up, "bam" makes it spicy. Now I got a SPICY ROCK! You can't defeat that!

--6 Train

Kid #1: Yo, look at that Jetsons mom's hair.
Kid #2: What's the Jetsons?
Kid #1: You don't know the Jetsons? Dem's those niggas that live in space.

--N train going uptown

30th November 2006

11:31am: Its post cute pictures of Animals week!


16th October 2006

1:13pm: Audible Nightmare

Yeah I went to this rave this past weekend called Audible nightmare. I had a really good time. I actually got Ari to GO!!!! It was cool he only stayed a few hours but it was fun. Marielle and Matt came, we had an awesome time dancing the night away/ destroying our minds. Then we went back to aris to crash out for a few hours then it was Sunday.. Now I'm at work and I don't really feel like death anymore. Hooray.

I'm going to be going to raves pretty much every weekend. Hit me up if your interested in going with me. I only go to good ones.


14th November 2005

2:45am: Worth posting
Two drunken moose invade home for elderly

November 8, 2005

STOCKHOLM, Sweden --They rarely have problems with drunks or rowdy animals, but residents of an elderly home in southern Sweden had to deal with both when a pair of intoxicated moose invaded the premises.

The moose -- a cow and her calf -- had become drunk over the weekend by eating fermented apples they found outside the home in Sibbhult, southern Sweden, said Anna Karlsson, who works there.

Police managed to scare them off once, but the large mammals returned to get more of the tempting fruits. This time the moose were drunk and aggressive, forcing police to send for a hunter with a dog to make them leave.

Police did not pursue the culprits, but made sure all apples were picked up from the area, local police chief Bengt Hallberg said. No one was hurt.


Gives new meaning to the term "Drunken Moosen"

21st September 2005

1:43pm: Boredom at its finest!
For the last 2 hours I have been watching a live webcam of chickens on a farm... I even saw a goat or something...

And I'm getting paid 15$ an hour for this... I made 30$ for watching chickens for 2 hours.

The penguin cam was down....


Just after I posted this the penguin cam went back up They are feeding them currently :
Current Mood: i like chickens

14th September 2005

3:21pm: Strange Dream
Ok I had a pretty weird dream today.....

First off I was in some restaurant and some English guy won some contest or something but then he was all offended for some reason.... The rest gets blurry....
Me, the english guy(which is the guy from Trigger Happy TV), my dead grandfather (he was alive here) and a bunch of people are on a Blue Whale in the ocean (the whale was above ground). So were just walking around it and I find it hard to keep my balance. Then after a while its time to go apparently and we all leave, I keep feeling I'm going to fall in the water and at one point my grandfather saves me from just that. I noticed in the dream how strong his legs were and how he had no problem walking on this huge blue whale... Then I woke up.... Strange.

So analysis I guess I would say that I draw strength from my grandfathers memory. I have no idea about the english guy tho or the contest or why he was offended.

Anyway today I'm gonna go see my pops after work then I am going to stop by ari + olivias and meet some guy around there who has things I like.

Until next time

6th September 2005

5:22am: happy i dont work tech support
Found this on some random site found using stumbleupon (www.stumbleupon.com)

" * Tech Support: "All right. Now click 'OK'."
* Customer: "Click 'OK'?"
* Tech Support: "Yes, click 'OK'."
* Customer: "Click 'OK'?"
* Tech Support: "That's right. Click 'OK'."
* Customer: "So I click 'OK', right?"
* Tech Support: "Right. Click 'OK'."


* Customer: "I clicked 'Cancel'."
* Tech Support: "YOU CLICKED 'CANCEL'???"
* Customer: "That's what I was supposed to do, right?"
* Tech Support: "No, you were supposed to click 'OK'."
* Customer: "I thought you said to click 'Cancel'."
* Tech Support: "NO. I said to click 'OK'."
* Customer: "Oh."
* Tech Support: "Now we have to start over."
* Customer: "Why?"
* Tech Support: "Because you clicked 'Cancel'."
* Customer: "Wasn't I supposed to click 'Cancel'?"
* Tech Support: "No. Forget that. Let's start from the top."
* Customer: "Ok."

31st August 2005

4:19pm: I wish I was an animal of some kind...
It would be nice to be an animal of some kind (not human).

So yeah todays my fathers birthday gonna go have dinner with him and his wife and my girlfriend.

How are things you ask?

Well pretty dull but dull is ok with me... I've had enough excitement in my life so far. I could use an excitement break. However, I would like to go out this weekend with some people. Who you ask? I don't know... Anyone who isn't a bitch would be nice. :D.

29th August 2005

1:36pm: Full blown insomniac...
So I can't sleep at night anymore. Every day I'm up till like 7am doing nothing but watching series I download of bit torrent and smoking the herb. Been up vfor 2 2 hours right now got to go register for classes (hooray). Did my fafsa this weekend! It was super fun.

Current Mood: nooooo sleeeeeep ever

16th August 2005

2:39pm: vacation
going on vacation till saturday.
see you then...
call me if you want to come down to the beach house in south jerz theres a bus from port authority.

12th August 2005

3:14pm: Update: 8-12-05
So yeah, sasha is back from Germany. Look forward to seeing her soon. Going on vacation next tuesday - sat yayz0r. I definatly need this fucking vacation. Anyway, I'm at work killing time, procrastinating , all that good stuff. Eating a tasty sandwich. Other than my aunt dieing my life is going pretty well at the moment. Still got to register for classes and crap but that can wait. I took a nap yesterday and went so fast into REM sleep that it was uncanny. I knew I was dreaming and it rocked. However, I did have a bunch of those fake-wake ups in the dream which I can't remember ever experiencing. Don't know exactly what I am doing tonight... Maybe I'll invite some people over for drinks. Maybe I'll goto NJ to chill with Sasha. Maybe I'll eat some pie, who knows. My horoscopes have been dead on lately... scary.
Current Mood: cheerful

4th August 2005

4:03pm: Its been a long fucking week.
So yeah this week the other computer guy is on va-k so like theres all these things I got to do... Of course the shit gets all fucked up on day 1 and stays fucked up till now. Worked like 30 hours so far this week. Boss is all pissed at me cuz I can't fix it, fuck that man there was no way to forsee these problems, the other dude said : "everything will be fine, I'll take care of it when I get back" of course everything wasn't fine and needed to get taken care of now... sigh people. So yeah, going down the shore in a week or two, will be nice to get the fuck away from everything for a bit. I haven't had off work in almost a year now (at least not officially, I have taken many sick days).I just want to leave but I can't yet... not yet....

26th July 2005

3:32pm: i love my job
So I fixed this girl's outlook personal folders today and she was so happy she gave me a bunch of candy and told me she loves me. haha. Its little praises like that that make me love this job. Otherwise, I had a good night out on the town last night with my roommate casey. We got all drunk in the village, almost got into a fight with a gang, met a crazy black dude named Smokey, drank in an alleyway, and stumbled around. Got home around 4am in a drunken stupor. Vomited in a subway trash receptical and on colombia university steps... LOVELY :D. Woke up Hungover, had a quality lunch/breakfast with my moms, got some money, and went to work.

I love new york city.

Now I'm just sitting around killing time. Gonna go home in half an hour you should come too ;D.

lol my friend is nuts he kept asking random people questions and starting out with the line "Hi we're drunk and underage"

6th July 2005

3:01pm: Phoenix
Well I am alive again somewhat. I kinda need an escape from my surroundings that is not an escape in the mind but using the body. Wish I knew someone in NYC that lived nearby and had their own place.

22nd June 2005

1:38pm: Every day is exactly the same.
I need something different.

12th May 2005

5:08pm: Strange
So I work in a little room about 10ft by 5 ft with like all this equipment and such.... Normally its hot as hell in here but for whatever reason today it is fucking freezing. I AM SO COLD. Brrrrrrrr.

Got to kill 3 minutes so a quick update:

1. I am not dead.
2. This weekend I am going to see NIN
3. I might be going to a goth club as well.
4. I am not that poor right now.
5. I kinda want a bunny rabbit. (?)
6. I also want a spider monkey.

28th April 2005

4:32pm: Hey.

Saw some old friends yesterday it was good to see them. They are doing well. Got in contact with my old friend Diago, gonna chill with him next weekend... Other than that I am ok sometimes. I have decided to make drastic changes in how I live/who I see/what I do... should work out for the best mentally and physically for me. I really dislike work lately. I feel like its pointless. I just want to go home and sleep.

25th April 2005

3:57pm: Another day another way to kill time.
Alas I have found a new way to kill time...
Making others write stories for me...
http://forums.kingdomofloathing.com/viewtopic.php?t=28827 - A story writing contest by me. :D

So want to join in my fun games? Great for killing time..
Heres one for lj people only... Read behind the cut if you are interested:

Read more...Collapse )
3:29am: Funny Story contest in some crap.
This was a contest in this game called Kingdom of Loathing for 300k in the game where people who msged the funnyest story would win! Entries behind the cut....
Read more...Collapse )
3:25am: I have way too much spare time..
If you got spare time you should read whats behind the cut.
Basically I did a contest on who could write the best story about :
a chicken, a wildermonkey, 32 dimes, and a giant naked turkey.
Read more...Collapse )

22nd April 2005

8:51pm: Infomania Worse than smoking the herbicals.

Reading stupid crap is worse for your IQ than smoking reefer.

What if you do both?

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